Monday, November 30, 2009

PREPARING our future LEADERS to NAVIGATE the world = PLN

So, I’ve gotten behind some in my blogging this past week, due to my week-long sojourn into South Carolina. But, here I am, once again. After a week long stint of turkey, mashed potatoes, leftovers and shopping, looks like its back to reality! I’d like to recommence by discussing my Personal Learning Network (PLN), or, as my title states, Preparing our future Leaders to Navigate the world (PLN). I like to look at Personal Learning Networks as a window into who we are as people, professionals and students. Our PLNs provide a look into who we are, what we enjoy, what are passions are, and what we care about. For me, my PLN would tell you that I care about my career as a teacher; that I care enough about my future students to work hard and diligently to provide them with the technological tools and resources necessary to succeed in an ever changing world.

Currently, my PLN is expanding at an astonishing rate. As I progress through my fall semester, I have had, and will continue to have, many opportunities to learn about different technologies (in my TE 401 class, CEP 416, conferences, etc.) and I have also had numerous opportunities to observe, experiment, and analyze the different resources I’ve come across; my PLN is beginning to reflect the wide array of experiences I have had. My delicious account is brimming with URLs to educational websites, teacher blogs, and an abundant amount of start-up tutorials, web application introductions, and many other resources to help teachers integrate technology into their daily lessons.

Obviously, my blog is up and running; allowing me the opportunity to openly discuss topics of interest to me and providing me with the opportunity to easily communicate with others in regards to the teaching profession. I have my online digital portfolio that is quickly (and amazingly) coming together. I’ve also gotten over my earlier Twitter aversion and can see the definite value in utilizing this tool in schools. I have to say, my Google Reader is, by far, the handiest application I’ve come across for organizing the massive amount of information I find on the web. This application makes it possible for me to sort through my delicious bookmarks, educational blogs, and technology resources, as well as other websites, that I want to keep track of.

All in all, my PLN is getting a pretty good work out. I believe it is helping me PREPARE the future LEADERS to NAVIGATE the world! :) As I said before…your PLN tells me a lot about you. What do you want yours to say?

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  1. I really like the little saying you made up for PLN! It really is a way to Prepare our future Leaders to Navigate the world. I am so glad that I was introduced to all of the technologies I have and I know that my classroom as well as myself will benefit because of it. I love the idea of connecting with other people whether they be future teachers, first year teachers, or teachers that have been teaching for years. I think that it is a great way to learn from one another!