Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Best Part of Waking Up, is Foldgers in Your Cup...

As I drift out of obscurity, my dreams fade away, and I slowly drag myself out of my cozy bed. What is that barbaric noise?? And must I start my day before the sun??? As I scramble to turn off my alarm, the need for caffeine slams into me. Thank goodness for my sleek and dependable Mr. Coffee Automatic Coffee Maker...ohh what would I do without you?

It's 7:00 am. I am currently sitting at my dining room table, clutching my cub of coffee. The days are getting shorter...I no longer wake up to sunshine pouring through my bedroom window. Before the events of my day unfold infinitely before me, I need to take a moment to collect myself. Why am I up so early, you ask? Well, I am preparing myself for an 8:00 am arrival at Midway Elementary School, to spend the morning with a wonderful fourth grade class. I'm excited, the kids are great, my Collaborating Teacher is helpful and kind...yet, I'm still nervous. It seems that no matter how often I am in these situations, I still feel slightly apprehensive. I know the old saying..."everyone is in the same're not alone" but why doesn't anyone else ever talk about it? It seems as though every other COE senior is excited and can't wait to start their careers...and I am too, don't get me wrong....but I'm nervous! I'm nervous every time I walk into my classroom! Hmmm.....

But what can you do? I'm sure the nerves will fade. I just wish more people expressed their true feelings. They can't ALL be THAT excited? really?


  1. I know the feeling rachel. living with 3 other education majors, i feel like i may be the only person in COE that isnt ready for next year. i feel like i have so far to go until im ready for my own classroom.

    But i hope you love midway. i was placed in midway this past summer and i loved it there! :)

  2. Haha...I know! Everyone does a really good job of keeping their thoughts to themselves, that's for sure. And so far, I LOVE Midway...It seems as though the teachers are young and excited and the teacher I'm placed with is awesome. He's in his second year at Midway and this is his 6th year teaching...the kids LOVE him! and they're well behaved so I shouldn't have too much trouble when I have to teach my lessons :) Are you in a placement now?

  3. Rachel,
    You're a very descriptive, creative writer!
    Second, for my Social Studies portion of TE401 our discussion posts for the first 3 weeks involved interviewing others about preparing for their first days of school...we could talk to new teachers, veteran teachers, students, etc...and there was a common thread amongst all of our classmates conversations...ALL teachers, new or old, were excited, but NERVOUS for their first week of class..some even said, "no matter how prepared I am or how many times I have done it, I still shake in my shoes."
    Hopefully this helps you! You really AREN'T the only one!