Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Year!

Hello to all of you out there in "Blogger Land"! It is officially a new decade and I know I am not alone in my attempt to stay true to those pesky New Year's resolutions. Good luck to you all in your endeavors, I know I need it!

As the year of 2010 commences...my blog will be acquiring a slightly different look. Let's say...new and improved, if you will. Rather than focus on methods of integrating technology into my future teaching practices, this blog will now serve as an online forum (with an emphasis on open communication and collaboration) for a group of my peers. The three of us...Brooke, Heather, and myself...are currently enrolled in a teacher prep. course, TE 402, at Michigan State University! This course is split into two distinct sections and those sections are: Math and Literacy.

This blog will now serve to aid the four of us in our journey towards discovery in the field of language arts/literacy.

I hope you all enjoy the new feel. Please feel free to continue to comment where you deem appropriate. I am sure we will appreciate any and all comments; they may very well lead to bigger and better discussions and debates.

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