Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Observe. Talk. Listen.

Today, I had a pretty cool encounter with a new way to utilize technology in a classroom. It's called Today's Meet. Today's Meet is a great resource for educators.

Imagine you are giving a presentation and you realize that your audience is no longer listening, in fact, they are passing notes, whispering, and falling asleep. Why are they tuning out your very interesting (that was sarcasm) lecture? Well, chances are, they either don't understand what you are talking about, they don't care where the lecture is headed, or they simply don't feel that their attention is needed.

Today's Meet is a resource that can prevent your audience from tuning you out. A lot like Twitter, Today's Meet is an instantaneous messaging online application; however, a social networking tool, such as Twitter isn't always appropriate. A few reasons being...your desired audience may not have Twitter accounts, or you simply do not want to have a public discussion forum. And that is where Today's Meet steps up to bat...

"Today's Meet gives you an isolated room where you can see only what you need to see, and your audience doesn't need to learn any new tools like hash tags to keep everything together"

So, rather than have your audience snooze and miss your awesome lecture due to boredom, you can now create an online classroom where students can post comments on your lecture and you can see these comments immediately, see participation, and tweak your lecture in whatever way necessary!

Wheeeww! Here's a link to the site so you can get a feel for it yourself...let me know if you have any questions :)



  1. All right! Yes, spread the word about todaysmeet.com!

  2. Definitely a great tool that could be used in the classroom or other setting where don't want to be on Twitter. Developed by former MSU edtechie James Socol!